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Consecration crosses

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All Saints Day is remembered in the old Celtic Calendar B.C. and is based on the agricultural and pastoral year beginning on 1st November.


The chancel of the present church dates  back to the 12th century and was consecrated by the Bishop around 1307 but construction took a further 200 years to complete.


The 19th century topping- off of the tower was so well done that it appears as if a huge church has been built against a small tower.  In fact, the top collapsed in the 18th century, and has been truncated  to create the church that you see today.


A sign at the back of the church, recording a now-lost inscription on the tower, remembers  the alterations and monies paid for the work:


"This church was built, in it God to adore,

and ought to have been repaired long before.

By which neglect, we did great sums expend.

Then let successors look in time to mend,

For if decays they early don't (sic) prevent,

they will, like us, when 'tis too late, repent."


When the nave was rebuilt in the late 15th century it was already an aisled church.  The east windows of the two aisles are older than the nave, and the east end of the new arcades falls short of the wide chancel arch, leaving an earlier arch on the south side which is little more than a large doorway.


All Saints church retains its recently restored and reinstated roodscreen and dado which depicts the eleven disciples and St Paul.


In the north aisle, a memorial recalls two Norfolk tragedies among many during the Second World War. Twenty-eight American servicemen lost their lives in two separate mid-air collisions over Carleton Rode  in 1944 and 1945.


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