Carleton Rode "All Saints"


Ministry Team

Over two years ago the benefice welcomed part-time Rector, John Madinda, with his wife, Marleen, and their 2 children Cornelie and Ruel to the parish.


John works for the Pilgrim Benefice on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday with Tuesday and Wednesday being devoted to his continued study.  


John and his family came to us from Tanzania, where John was principal of St Philip's Theological College in Kongwa. Their children have had many transitions over the last two years; from Tanzania to England; from one school to another; from one exam board to another; from primary school to high school and now in, September, Cornelie is leaving  to go to university.  Marleen has a part time job and has made the house a home.


Now after more than two years in the post John and the family feel that they have learned a lot, but there are still many more aspects of ministry life to learn. The Benefice recently has formed a Team with Long Stratton and the process of working this out is ongoing.  


John says, ‘I have found this post, being my first incumbency, a significant learning curve, but my family and I have been overwhelmed by the invaluable support given to us by the team readers, churchwardens and members of the PCC and congregation as well as the support received from my colleague Revd Heather, the diocesan office and the bishops’.


Our focus is to work in faith, labour in love and endure in hope (Thessalonians 1:2-3).


If you would like to become involved please contact a member of our team below :-


Team Rector : Reverend Heather Wilcox : 01508 530238


Team Vicar  : Reverend John Madinda : 01953 789240


Reader : Margaret Thorburn : 01953 788171

Reader : Margaret Smith : 01953 789168


Churchwarden :             Anthea Brown : 01953 789386

Churchwarden :             Christine Brundle : 01953 789328

Lay Chairman  &

Heath & Safety Rep;     To be confirmed

Secretary :                     Margaret Smith : 01953 789168

Treasurer :                     Pat Graham ; 01953 860294

Tower Captain & Key

Holder :                          Reg Love 01953 860310

Electoral Roll Officer :   Jan Barsby : 01953 788055

Village Hall Rep :          Sylvia Briggs : 01953 789764

Magazine Rep :             Doris Davis : 01953 789600

Fabic Committee :         Reg Love : 01953 789310

                                     Joan Hocking : 01953 860291

                                     Pat Graham : 01953 860294

School Rep :                 Neil Parsons :

Member :                      Gerry Kibblewhite

                                     Jessica Brown

Contact Deatils : -


Rev John Madinda - Team Vicar

























Telephone : 01953 789240

Mobile : 0748 385 3396

Email : [email protected]



The Rev Heather Wilcox - Team Rector

The Rectory

8 Flowerpot Lane

Long Stratton

NR15 2TS


Telephone : 01508 530238

Mobile : 07503151715

Email : [email protected]


Committee Meetings over the coming months are listed below :-


To be confirmed


Please call our Margaret Smith on 01953 789328 for more details


John Madinda John Madinda